Club Facilities

Club House

In 1987 after many years of fund-raising by members, a building located at Yeerongpilly was bought. After the 2011 floods, the house was raised out of the flood level and we now have disabled access. The house contains a small kitchen, toilets, office and a meeting room that is used weekly by members.

As we are a non-profit dive group, all maintenance of the building and equipment is completed by club members volunteering their time and expertise. 





Diver 1

In 1996, the URGQ became the proud owner of a club dive boat, URGQ Diver 1. The 6.3m rigid-hull inflatable is fully equipped to carry 7 divers for a double dive or nine divers for a single dive. The equipment on board includes a marine radio, first-aid and oxygen kit, GPS, echo-sounder and safety equipment.

Many day, weekend or road trips are organised using Diver 1. Our club boat has been towed up and down the east coast of Australia diving many places along the way. Diver 1 has gone as far north as Bundaberg to dive sites like Lady Musgrave Island and the Cochrane Artificial Reef, and down south past Sydney to dive with the seals and sea dragons. Day trips often include a trip out to the various sites around Moreton Island and Stradbroke Island.

When diving off Diver 1, members are asked for a dive donation to help cover maintenance of our club boat. Donation vouchers are available for $25 each, or you can pre purchase your donation vouchers for $100 for 5.


Air Compressors 

URGQ owns an Bauer Mariner 250 compressor which delivers 0.25 cubic meters of air per minute. 

Members can get an air fill every Wednesday night for a donation of $10 per fill. Or obtain a tank fill card with 10 fills for a $75 donation. Tank fills are restricted to financial members who have kept their dive tanks in test.

If you would like to grab a tank fill, please see the Canteen Officers on any Wednesday night after 7:30pm. They will give you a tag for you to hang on your tank. Take your tank to the compressor shed to be filled.

Please note that only approved Compressor Operators are allowed to use the compressors. Click on the links below to see our approved Compressor Operators lists.

URGQ also owns a portable compressor that we take away with us on diving trips when necessary

Bauer Club Compressor Approved Operators 

Bauer Portable Compressor Approved Operators



Tank Hire

URGQ has some aluminium dive tanks for hire for club members.

If you would like to hire a tank please see the Canteen Officers on any Wednesday night after 7:30pm. They will record your details in the hire book and provide you with a tag that you can take down to the compressor shed and collect a tank. 

We ask for a donation of $10 to cover the tank hire and air fill and another $20 for a refundable deposit. Return the tank at the next meeting to collect your deposit. If the tank is not returned, the club requests a donation of $10 per week until it is returned.