Organising a Day Trip on Diver1

Organising a Day Trip on Diver 1

Day trips with our club boat can be organised by any URGQ member. The more trips you organise, the more you dive. Day trips can be organised on any weekday or weekend providing that the club boat is not already booked for a weekend trip. You can organise a trip with as much or as little notice that you like. Often members like to wait until the Wednesday night meeting so that they have a better idea what the weather will be up to, but you are more than welcome to organise a trip ahead of time.

To organise a day trip follow these simple steps

  1. Find a skipper and someone to tow the boat - A list of skippers can be found below and skipper contact information can be found on the notice board at the club house.
  2. If the trip is organised ahead of time, notify the Dive Captain and they will create an event listing and make you admin for the event. You can use this website to provide relevant information and email members to advertise your trip.
  3. If you are organising a trip with only a few days notice, email your trip information to the URGQ email account so that it can be forwarded onto all members. 
  4. It is important that every URGQ dive is advertised to all club members via email. A reserve list will be created once a dive trip is full. 
  5. The night before your dive trip, check on the weather conditions and notify all attendees if the trip has to be canceled due to weather. 

Skipper List