Bauer Club House Compressor Approved Operators

The persons herein are authorised to opetate the URGQ Club House Compressor.

Please note

  1. Only Registered Compressor Operators can use the Compressor
  2. All tanks must be in test with a unique identifier clearly visible
  3. Tank Fill Log must be completed for every individual tank, the compressor operator must confirm the unique identifier and test date.
  4. The compressor has an inline analyser which will sound an alarm if the CO level is too high. 
  5. Every tank is to be individually noted and signed for by both the owner and the operator.
  6. The Owner of the tank can test the tank for CO level with the hand analyser if they wish, however this is not compulsary. 

Group list

1. Alan Dodd
2. Alex McDonald
3. Bruce McLean
4. Coralie Dodd
5. David Bizant
6. Delphine Gonchond
7. Gary Broomfield
8. Gary Davis
9. James McDonell
10. Jennelle Dupuy
11. Kristie Ford
12. Linton Holroyd
13. Nicholas Hammerman
14. Owen Smith
15. Paul Harrison
16. Peter Arlow
17. Peter Harrison
18. Philip Nieass
19. Rebecca Thompson
20. Roelf Vanderkruk
21. Scott Grattan
22. Yanir Seroussi