URGQ Trainee Skippers & Boat Tower Info Session


Wed 13 Mar 2024 7:30 PM — 8:30 PM
Brisbane City

Event information

This event has passed.

Are you interested in finding out more about how to become a URGQ Skipper or Boat Tower? Come have a chat with Gary our Boat Captain.

When: Wednesday 13th March

Time: 7:30pm

Where: URGQ Boat Shed


To become an Authorised URGQ Boat Driver you

· Must be a current member of URGQ

· Must have a Boat Licence

· Complete Boat Handlers Questionnaire Assessment and hand back to Boat Captain

· Have a minimum of 5 hours driving Diver 1 (under instruction)


You will need to show competence in the following

· Pre Boat checklist before launch

· Make boat ready for launch

· Launch & retrieve boat

· Carry out Pre-Dive Safety Brief

· Storage of tanks & equipment

· Distribution of divers to balance boat

· Log on/off VMR

· Use of GNSS

· Use trim/tilt when under way

· Economical & safe speed with regards to sea conditions

· Use of Oxy-viva

· Measure fuel usage/change fuel tanks

· Fill out Dive Log

· Retrieve diver for emergency pick up


On return to the boat shed

· Flush engine & wash boat

· Fill in log & report any damage or problems (log book found on desk in boat shed)

· Replenish fuel ready for next trip – Unleaded 91