Diver 1 Briefing


Wed 07 Jun 2023 6:45 PM — 7:30 PM

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Hi Everyone, 

We have been extremely happy with our new engines performance so far. If you haven't had a chance to take Diver 1 out yet, please join us in the boat shed at 6:45pm before the next General Meeting on the 7th June. 

Gary will talk through a couple of changes that have been implemented with our new 4 stroke engine on Diver 1.

  • When cleaning, flush for 15 min (do not turn on, no ear muffs, connect via hose same as previous motor, don’t worry if no tell tail)
  • Our new 4 stroke motor does not need a choke to start. 
  • Engine oil should only need to be changed/topped up in a service. 
  • The Blue motor support to be used when transporting  - do not use the service stand  
  • Don’t empty fuel tanks completely. It’s recommended that skippers swap over the fuel every 20L to ensure that the motor does not cut out due to lack of fuel.
  • A laminated Trouble Recovery manual can be found under the skipper seat in the dive log folder
  • Use 91 unleaded fuel - no ethanol 
  • Check the fuel filter for water before leaving the boat ramp & after the 1st dive 
  • Reset the 2nd gauge (fuel management system) at the start of every trip
  • Record the fuel used & engine hours in boat log when returning to shed


The following documents have been updated to reflect these changes. These documents can be found on the wall in the boat shed, in the club house & on the website.