Racing & Registration

Our sailing program runs from the first Saturday in September, through to early December, and then from mid January through to Easter.

Racing normally starts around 2pm with a race of around 1.5 to 2 hours depending on conditions.

Divisions sailed include 16 Foot Skiffs, 125s, Lasers (Full Rig, Radial, 4.7) and Juniors (Sabots, Opti's, Flying 11's)

Rigging and preparation generally start around midday. Two to three rescue boats will be in use and helpers for these are always welcome.

Registering to Race at BSS

BSS uses the TopYacht System to manage registration for racing and results. Registration is undertaken online through the TopYacht Entry System (TES).

The link for 2023-24 Season registration is –

Things to Note:

1. The registration (i.e. TES User) must be in the name of the usual skipper.

2 . Only Use Casual Registration if you are a visitor or intend to sail only a few races and don’t want your results included in overall series points (you will get a placing in results on the day).

3. If you sail using different configurations (e.g. Laser Standard or Radial; Sabot 1Up or 2Up) register the boat/configuration used most often and contact the committee to set up the second boat/configuration

For detailed information on TES Registration (including multiple boats) click HERE

4. You can register at any time during the season.

5. Pick an easy to remember password e.g. sail number – there is a “Forgot Password” function

Entry for Each Day’s Racing

Online Sign-on/Sign-off (Note that this changes each season)

Link to “On Water” online Sign-on/Off -

The sign-on for the day’s race typically becomes available on the morning of the race. You must sign-on before 1330 so that a list of intended starters can be provided to the Starter. . Select the race and then click on your boat to move it to “On Water” (i.e. sign on). Select “Sign Off Water” and click on your boat asap after returning to the bank.

Tip: When scrolling the list with your finger, scroll on the far right to avoid selecting the wrong boat

Race Fees

Race fees are payable at the bar before 1330 (unless you have taken the option to pay for a season’s race fees up front).




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