Learn To Sail for Juniors


Brisbane Sailing Squadron is a family orientated club and a Discover Sailing Centre accredited by Australian Sailing. If your child is interested in sailing as a sport, we have the perfect program to let them try it out and then, if keen, to develop their skills to competition level.

Sailing is a great skill that can be enjoyed for life from local competition up to the highest international and Olympic levels (as well as a great social weekend pastime).

Children aged 7-11 years can join one of our free Try Sailing courses that provide a fun sailing experience before deciding to take the plunge and join the Club and learn to sail in our Junior Sailing Program.

Our Junior Sailing Program is run by an accredited Club Coach and supported by Assistant Instructors who hold Australian Sailing qualifications. All sailing and safety equipment is supplied, including the use of our club sailing dinghies in the Start Sailing and Better Sailing groups.

Our philosophy around teaching sailing is that each sailor learns at a different rate and in a different way - and we won't advance participants to the next level of learning until we are confident they are ready. Because sailing lessons are included in annual membership, it will not cost extra if things take a little longer to click, or if they are a "natural" and proceed through the lessons at a faster rate.

Coaching groups are split into Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced levels,

Beginners -   Start Sailing

Intermediate -   Better Sailing

Advanced -   Prepare To Race

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