Race Reports Wetas and Monos 2022-3

Report for Saturday 18 February

I think everyone was worried that we would have a repeat of the previous saturdays black nor'easter but it ended up being a beautiful day for sailing. For various reasons a reduced Weta fleet hit the water - four boats plus Chris on his foiling moth. Ian messed up at the start with the flags but all eventually got under way. Stephen and Annette along with Stephen S were late to the start. Ian had his pin head main on again (been there done that now). Les and Ian had a race long battle but the speed of the sq sail paid dividends for Les on the reach to X - he ended up beating Ian by about a minute. The two Stephen's had a good race with both sailing two handed. The Bananas ended up coming out on top. Chris on the moth beat us all home.

Report from Saturday 11th February

Five Wetas took to the water with Sam making a welcome return, however remaining on the beach (sensibly) in view of the very windy NE wind up around 15 to 25 knots. All the Wetas (Ian, John, Les, Steve S, Steve W and Annette) made it around with the exception of Team Bananas who finally christened their new boat with an unspectacular capsize. I'm not sure of the finishing order because I wasn't around to see the finishers, being somewhat busy swimming. 

Steve W

John led the fleet home closely followed by Les and Ian. Stephen S did well in the conditions although did not set the spinnaker. We will have a chat next week about how to handle the kite in strong breeze. Overall winner for the day was Chris on the foling moth who handled the conditions well. 


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