Adult Learn to Sail

Adult Learn to Sail

It's never too late to learn! First-timers from the age of 15 can join our adult classes. Adults who are new to sailing are taught with the direct involvement of an instructor in a small group. When there is sufficient confidence, adults may then 'go solo' on a club boat to further develop their skills. You will be encouraged to participate in training events over the season and perhaps have a chance to crew on a variety of sailing boats at regular Saturday races and weekend regattas. If you are bitten by the bug, you may choose to buy your own boat and join in the wonderful world that sailing can offer you or your whole family. Also, many parents watch on with envy as their kids are having fun and decide to have a go themselves.

Before the Christmas break, the Adult LTS program consists of an initial 4-week introduction, after which you can choose to continue for a further 4 or 6 weeks. Then there's the option to continue for the remainder of the season, which ends in April. The after-Christmas group has an initial 4-week session, followed by another 4 weeks. You will be taught by experienced club members in our club boats - two Pacers, the Envy and four Lasers. Topics covered include:

  • How to rig a boat
  • Parts of a boat
  • Safety
  • Wind and weather
  • Steering and the points of sailing (upwind, downwind) - tacking and gybing
  • Setting the sails
  • Tying knots
  • Launching and retrieving
  • Theory of sailing
  • Rules of the road
  • Introduction to racing and race management
  • How to recover from a capsize

Sailing is a sport that requires some fitness and agility. We are a sailing club, not a yacht club*. This means that you will get wet, with the likelihood of capsizing, at least in the training. The aim of our course(s) is to enable you to have the skills to be able to join in club activities as a full, boat-owning member or be a regular crew. If this sounds like you, please register an expression of interest at the foot of the home page "Events, Adult LTS EOI" or follow this link:

If you have further questions, please make contact via email -

To whet your appetite, there are many YouTube videos about learning to sail. Here are a few to get you started:



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