Junior Learn to Sail

Our club boasts an excellent junior coaching and learn-to-sail program offered for those who have not sailed before. For first-timers, the club provides boats to teach children the basics of sailing in an informal positive style. As the children progress through the three stages culminating in racing, the children are encouraged to improve and extend themselves to achieve their best.

The club is aware of the well-being of all members and guests so safety is paramount at all times.

The minimum age for our junior programs is generally 8 years. Groups are kept to around 12 participants. Courses span 10 weeks - Session 1 from October to December and then Session 2 from January to March. Learn to Sail runs from 9.30am to 11am. Since we are a volunteer club, parents are encouraged to participate to assist in rigging and carrying boats, washing down at the end, helping in the canteen, or on the water if they have the appropriate skill set. Course fees vary, but valid Active Kids vouchers are able to be redeemed when registering for courses. All necessary equipment is provided, including a buoyancy vest. Children should come dressed for swimming, plus a long-sleeve rash-shirt, board shorts, sunscreen and a hat. A wetsuit and/or spray jacket may be useful but is not essential, but children should dress according to the conditions on the day. When participating in sailing activities, children and volunteer parents are covered by insurance provided by Australian Sailing. Nevertheless, you acknowledge that your child is participating in a water activity that carries its inherent risks. Sailing as a sport has traditionally been a very safe sport with a low rate of injury compared to many other sports. 

More information on the junior program can be found by emailing the secretary@pksc.com.au
Note: Kids need to be able to swim 50m 

Level 1 Sailing - Beginner

Level 1 starts first-time kids with the very basics of sailing - rigging, wind direction, steering and mainsheet. These drills are practiced on robust Skyriders or O'pen Skiff dinghies under the watchful eye of our Junior coaches.

Level 2 Sailing - Green Fleet/Learn to Race

Level 2 sees kids progress to the O'pen Skiff or Manly Junior class as either crew or skipper. Kids are taught the basics of sailing a course, starting, boat control and handling different conditions. As confidence is gained, a program of regattas is available to the juniors to compete and have fun participating - where novices are catered for. At this point, some parents decide to purchase a boat for their kids to own.

Level 3 Sailing - Silver or Gold Fleet

As skills further develop, our junior sailors are able to confidently sail an O'pen Skiff, Manly Junior, Flying 11 or Laser 4.7. By the end of this level, junior sailors are proficient in sailing and may participate in afternoon club sailing or inter-club events, and can carry these skills through to sail larger and faster boats. A lifelong skill has now been instilled.

Adult Learn to Sail

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