Duty Crew

Duties of Duty Crew

The primary duty of the duty crew is always to the safety of sailors. Boats are of secondary consideration. If more than one boats crew require assistance boats must be left until the safety of all crew has been secured. 

Note: Duty crew are entitled to a free lunch including soft drink or cup of tea or coffee from the canteen.

Starting time:

  • 09:00 hours junior sailing season days. To assist Junior sailing coaches by putting the duty boat in the water for them.
  • 11:00 hours on non-junior days
  1. Prepare Duty boat/s:
  • Collect correct boat outboard starter key from key cabinet behind kitchen saloon doors. The name of the outboard is written on the key tag.
  • At the same time, collect the key for the boat shed roller door padlocks.
  • Open the boat shed door.
  • Check bungs are screwed in firmly (big cockpit bungs stored in outboard well)
  • Check fuel top up if necessary. Full fuel drums stored in flammables cabinet 
  • Check oil
  • Check tires are inflated enough
  • Check outboard motor and raise for towing (raising/lowering switch on right side of motor, or right side of centre console throttle
  • Check all starting flags are aboard
  • Check all course buoys are aboard. (4 x cylindrical orange buoys one cylindrical yellow buoy, one round red buoy)
  • Check all buoys are inflated sufficiently. If not inflate with small blue compressor stored near garage stairs. Also use for inflating trailer tires. 
  • Hook boat up to car and put in water.
  • Swing up radio aerial on duty boat, turn on radio and check that it is functioning by calling PKSC radio.
  1. Junior sailing/ Sailing School
  • Assist sailing school as necessary by laying marks etc.
  1. Afternoon racing
  • Liaise with Club Captain about course laying
  • Proceed to course area at 1pm
  • Lay course marks
  • Proceed to starting area to lay pin end buoy for start line
  • Anchor on station
  • Prepare necessary flags and sound signals for start sequence
  • First division Preparatory flag to be raised at 1.55pm unless race is postponed by flying code flag AP.
  • When all divisions have started, patrol the racing area and render assistance where necessary.
  1. End of racing
  • Collect buoys 
  • Switch radio off when back at the ramp and before pulling the boat out of the water.
  • Pull boat our of water and remove bungs before driving off ramp 
  • Put big bungs back in outboard well
  • Drive to boat garage and back up to near hose
  • Flush out motor with freshwater hose (earmuffs flushing device is stored hung up on shelf bracket above garage work bench)
  • Lift motor before backing into garage.
  • Remove bimini cover.
  • Swing down radio aerial before backing into garage.
  • Check that the radio is switched off. Close roller door and padlock up.
  1. At end of sailing day 
  • Lower club flags being careful to ensure that flags to not touch the ground when lowered.
  • Unhook club house radio aerial cable and place back through kitchen window.  Remove club house radio aerial in bracket and stored inside club house next to trophy cabinet. 
  • Check that the radio on the duty boat is switched off.
  • Check that the boat shed roller door is padlocked.
  • Have refreshments, talk with the other sailing club members and congratulate yourself for a job well done.

The above is available as a pdf to download using the link below:



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