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Continue here to renew your membership, start a new membership or obtain a SailPass.

If you have been a member of our club (or any club) across Australia in the past few years, your details (including Australian Sailing Number) should be in our system. If you don't know your Australian Sailing Number, you can look it up here: AS Number Finder. You can obtain a SailPass as a new member or as a returning member.

Full membership - Sailing members, Juniors, Learn to Sail, Life Members and Volunteers.

SailPass - temporary membership for that day.

Lookup your AS Number here  then Go to Registration page 

How to use your Active Kids voucher in Junior, Learn to Sail and Family Memberships:

For registering an individual child, use the Promo/Discount Code AK50 on the Payments Page. You will be asked later on in the registration process to insert the Active Kids voucher number.

For registering a Family Membership, use Promo/Discount Code AK50, AK100 or AK150 on the Payments Page depending on how many Active Kids vouchers you are applying (each corresponds to a dollar amount). At this point you will be registering one parent only into the Family Membership (either new or returning). You will then be sent an email with a link to register each child member individually into the Family Membership when the parent member is accepted. You will be asked to enter the applicable Active Kids voucher number when you register each individual child.

Junior Memberships and Learn to Sail

Club juniors are either Learn to Sail or a Junior Member. Please select the appropriate category:

Learn to Sail are beginners who use the club Skyriders or O'pen Skiffs, in their first or sometimes second season in the club. No storage fee would be generally paid by LTS members.

Junior Members have generally previously done a season in the Learn to Sail group on the Skyriders, and may have their own boat (or a club O'pen Skiff, Flying 11 or MJ) and sail a course with starts and finishes out in the lake. Junior Members may also need to add a storage fee.

Lookup your AS Number here  then Go to Registration page


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