The General Returns

Published Sun 28 Jan 2024

Sailors faced challenging Westerlies winds for the Australia Day regatta, with the direction swining through 30 degress, and strong gusts. Capsizing was order of the day - three times for General (committee member) Simon Webster, not to be outdone by Toby Rechner going over four times, and Sally Rechnier and Mick Nolan a mere one each. This was an amazing performance from Simon, returning from several months off the water in the control tower after having broken 13 ribs and survived a few days in the Northern Hospital. He achieved a third place in the first heat!

Mick Nolan spent much of the first heat upside down getting jump crew assistance from Dean McIntyre, and then advice from our own ED nurse, Matt Darby, on concussion (and the need to buy a helmut) in the change roomes. 

But we made it through three races before lunch, with visitor Nick Ede winning two heats. But it was competitive racing with Richard Jagger winning one heat, Sarah Porritt coming second in race two, Tom Clarke second in race three. And just to check who reads the website, I should point out Martin Corden came 12th in Heat 1. Happy days. Full results are here.