New head protection modelled during Heats 3 & 4

Do you have a head that is worth protecting from the occasional bang, but not so valuable that you are prepared to buy a full sailing helmet (or maybe you are not silly enough to sail a Laser with their low booms).

The General Returns

Sailors faced challenging Westerlies winds for the Australia Day regatta, with the direction swining through 30 degress, and strong gusts. Capsizing was order of the day - three times for General (committee member) Simon Webster, not to be outdone by Toby Rechner going over four times, and Sally Rechnier and Mick Nolan a mere one each.

It was all class (until Keith hit a reef)

We fnished the Class Regatta series with two successful races, albeit with flukey Easterlys, on Saturday. Chris Fleming managed to win both races in the most competitive Sabre class (if you can call a Sabre classy), while more predictably Richard Jagger won both races in the Laser class (now that's real class). And then Keith hit the reef in the Castle during the second race (after blitzing the first race).

Another successful Class regatta race

Despite the disappointing news at the Curry Night that no one reads the website, we can report that a fleet of 14 enjoyed 'summer sailing' at MYC - with the associated cold weather and rain.

Sabre domination

The Sabres dominated the latest round of mid-week racing with the Commodore Pete #1, Sarah Porritt #2 and Doug Varey at #4. Only Richard Jagger's bronze medal result avoided complete world domination on the day.

The Merricks Magicians conjure a teams trophy!

Under brooding skies, and before a blustery north wind, our intrepid teams racers sallied forth to Balnarring to join battle in the annual regatta against our ancient foes. Resplendent in their shiny (but figure-hugging) rash-vest armour, which was the envy of couturiers around the Bay. (Order yours now!:

Talk about class - Ian Jeffrey - what a legend

While the youngsters (that is those under 65) were battling it in the great turnout of classes (Lasers, Sabres, Pacers, Aeros and even the Melges), the real class was demonstrated by Ian Jeffrey who flew around the course on his Mosquito, out on trap, and showing that an 84yr old, with a recently purchased new hip, can still blitz it - overall winner in both heats!

Midweek sailing (or drifting) had a good turnout

Light conditions brought out 11 boats on the water (including 5 Sabres). With variable winds and a strong tide it was a race of tactics and luck, with Keith taking out gold, and two Melges coming in at #2 (Steward) and #3 (Tom- our wonderful handicapper).

Class (and cowardice) regatta kicks off

This year's class regatta kicked off with a demonstration of both class and cowardice. Five hardy Laser Radial sailors headed off into the challenging conditions, but the real question on everyone's lips was 'Where was the club champion and his sidekick Matt???'

Mid-week racing off to a good start

It was a difficult day's sailing for the start of the opening series, when even the most highly skilled sailors like Simon Corden capsized on the gybe mark. But there were some truly hardy sailors like Kris Symons who came in first in the second heat.

Peg would have been proud

Peg would have been proud when her boys weathered strong winds and driving rain to battle it out in the first race of the Summer Series. Unfortunately, Martin beat Simon on handicap, but order was restored for race 2 - Richard Jagger won and Martin came #5. A fun day out.

The daily double for Tom Clarke

It was a slow start, with little wind, but ultimately a great day's sailing - especially for Tom Clarke who won both races. It was a small, but high quality fleet, except for Mitch and Toby who came a dismal 9th in both races!

Summer series kicks off

With every boat on the podium in Heat 1 being a Sabre (Doug, Karen and Dear Leader) it was left to Simon Webster to come in #4 in a Melges - a great result, especially as he didn't capsize once. Heat 2 had more variety (Chris in a Sabre, Leigh in a Laser and then Doug in another Sabre).

The Mark Sefton Trophy race - Opening Day 2023

It was a hairy day with lots of capsizing practice, and Keith couldn't decide whether to come back in at Merricks or Pt. Leo so ended up on the shore halfway between the two, but all in all a successful day's sailing.

Opportunity for women and girl sailors to learn about sailing keel boats

A great opportunity for our women sailing members to try out keel boat sailing. Mornington Yacht Club is offering a learn to sail sessions on keel boats this summer. A number of Somers yacht club women have signed on so why not join your Westernport Bay counterparts and learn about the joys and challenge of bigger boats.

The 2023-24 Sailing and social program is out

The 2023-24 Sailing and social program is out, and there is lot to do on the water and in the club house. If you are a sailing member please fill in the duty roster, or a social member would like to help out on the water or in the tower, we would love your support.