Race report - heats 5 & 6 - Summer Series

It was a day of challenging conditions, with the breeze from the East suddenly dropping to 4knts, then equally suddenly swirling up to almost 20knts, with 40degree changes of direction just for laughs. Amongst the Merricks fleet of approximately 12 Lasers, our current Club Champion, Martin, showed the sort of skill we have become used to being the first laser across the line in both races. He says the fact that the other 11 Lasers were all in the yard at the time is irrelevant. Meanwhile, in the second race, Simon Webster, in his Melges 14 Small Rig, proved conclusively that size is not important, it’s what you do with it, when he thrashed Tom Clake in his Melges 14 Big Rig. Finally, the standout performance of the day must be Toby in his Aero9 in the second race who seemed to have discovered the warp speed setting on his boat, leaving the rest of his fleet in his wake. Results will be posted in the next few days.