New head protection modelled during Heats 3 & 4

Published Sun 04 Feb 2024

Do you have a head that is worth protecting from the occasional bang, but not so valuable that you are prepared to buy a full sailing helmet (or maybe you are not silly enough to sail a Laser with their low booms). Then Commodore Pete, and General (committee member) Simon have the answer – as modelled at briefing this week is Pete's wide brim ‘bump’ wide brim hat ($40), and Simon ‘bump’ cap ($30 - or in fluro $35). These are available at LOD Workwear in Hastings and no, this is not a paid advertisement, but more a desire for sailors to keep safe, especially after a recent concussion incident, surprisingly by a Sabre sailor. And, with this handy head gear both completed Heats 3 & 4 and the results will be posted here.