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Web Resources

Web Resources

Articles on mental preparation

How to paddle

  • Dragon boat technique (with instructions)
  • Land paddle board to work on the paddling technique (e.g. A frame set up, leg drive)
    • ​the club owns two of these machines thanks to the ingenuity of Sui

Stretching exercises


Websites of interest

The Darebee Resource
High quality fitness resource - free access, forever, for everyone.
The Darebee Resource is an independent fitness resource run and maintained by a small group of volunteers and fitness enthusiasts. Here we make fitness accessible, make training fun and make a healthy lifestyle easier to start and maintain – on a budget. We believe that fitness is not a privilege, it should be made this accessible for everyone - not just people who can pay for it. 

A fantastic blog site by an avid dragon boater, outrigger paddler and coach who started this as a way to answer some of the questions that her fellow paddlers were asking her after practice. Some of here blogs are below:


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