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Membership Fees

How much does a paddling session cost?
If you are a new member, you can trial dragon boat for an entire month for FREE by signing up to the 'Dragon Pass'. If you wish to continue to paddle with us after the Dragon Pass expires, you may join us by filling the membership form and paying the membership fee.

Membership is for a rolling 12 months from when you join:

  • Adult: $327
  • Student (age 24+): $229
  • Student or Age 18-23: $225
  • Junior (age 10-17): $121

This fee covers your official registration with Dragon Boats Victoria (includes insurance, AusDBF paddler levy, administration and capital expenditure) as well as a contribution to CYSM and the CYSM Sea Dragons.

Note: membership payment must be made seven days prior to a regatta in order to be eligible to compete.

Can I get a pro-rata refund of the membership fee if I decide to no longer continue training (say after 8 months)?
Unfortunately, we are unable to give you a refund as the fees will already have been allocated (i.e. for payment to other parties and to cover expenses when you joined).

When do I need to pay the membership fee by?
After your Dragon Pass expires, you will need to sign up to a membership option that suits your needs. You will then be registered with DBV and can continue training with the team.


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