CYSM Sea Dragons



The CYSM Sea Dragons began competing in Victorian regattas in 1985. The team has evolved to a competitive unit that trains hard and constantly improves their performance, whilst maintaining a fun and social atmosphere.


Watch videos of the team in action at various regattas

How many regattas do you attend each year?
We typically attend 3-5 regattas per season. We participate in both competitive and fun races.

How many racing teams do you take to regattas?
We race in all categories (Open, Women's and Mixed) in the Premier division for both the 10s and 20s races. We typically also have Senior A 10s crews for Open and Mixed.

Have you won any regatta?
YES, we have!

Can I join the club if I don’t want to go to a regatta?
Yes. You can join the club and attend our training sessions without going to any regattas. But once you hear about all the fun things we do you will soon change your mind.

How long is a dragon boat race?
A dragon boat race in Melbourne is usually 200 meters or 500 meters long. A 200 meters race can take 55 to 60 seconds and a 500 meters race can take 2:00 to 2:45 minutes to paddle depending on the crew. There are also 2 km sweeps races that take about 12:30 minutes.


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