CYSM Sea Dragons


Frequently Asked Questions

When do you train?

  • Tuesday & Thursday weeknights (from 6:30pm) during daylight savings time. 
  • Saturday mornings (from 9:30am) - this is our main session. 

Where do you practice?

We train out of the new Community Boat Hub (directions). Change rooms and showers are available and we unload and launch boats from there.

How long are your training sessions?
Tuesday sessions are approximately 1.5 hours long. Saturday morning session may go longer.

What do I wear to a practice?
It depends on the weather; hot or cold. We recommend dressing in layers so you can take some layers off or put some back on.

  • Winter/Autumn paddling: It is a good idea to wear a windproof and/or waterproof jacket to protect you from the wind, merino wool thermal clothing, nylon pants that won’t get too wet and will dry quickly, aqua shoes/crocs/old runners you don’t mind getting wet. 
  • Summer/Spring paddling: You should wear sunscreen, have a hat, sandals are good for footwear. 
  • Always bring a water bottle to each practice. There are taps for water refill. Hydration is very important on cool or warm days.
  • Ensure that you bring a towel and dry clothes to change into after training as you will inevitably get wet. 

Do I need to bring a life jacket and paddle to practice?
No. The club provides life jackets (also known as personal floatation devices or PFDs) and paddles. You are welcome to bring your own PFD and dragon boat paddle if you have them.

Do you switch sides when you paddle or do you stay on one side all the time?
We switch sides on a regular basis when we paddle. We do this to ensure balanced muscle development and it also makes paddlers strong on both sides and minimises injury.

What do you do at training?
We start with a warm-up and stretches to loosen the muscles and get everyone energised. We often go for 45-60 minutes of paddling on the water with breaks between drills. Training concludes with a cool down stretch and de-brief.

Come & Try​Can I try dragon boating before I join the club?

Yes. We offer three free Come and Try sessions to all first timers.
Make the most of this opportunity and experience dragon boating for yourself. 


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