CYSM Sea Dragons


About Us

The CYSM Sea Dragons is a Melbourne-based dragon boating team, based at the Docklands. We are a friendly and inclusive team that values diversity. The club welcomes people from all backgrounds who are interested in learning more about Chinese culture, keeping fit, and teamwork.

The club first began competing at the Melbourne Dragon Boat Festival in 1985 and has evolved to a competitive unit that trains hard, whilst maintaining a fun and social atmosphere. The club regularly competes at local regattas and at State and Australian Championships.

At AusChamps2018, the club achieved personal bests in all the categories that it entered, with medals for the Open 10s crew over 200m (silver), 500m (bronze) and 2000m sweeps race (bronze).

Watch a video compiled by club male rookie of season 2015/16, Eric Cham, as he reflects back on his journey with Team CYSM Sea Dragons.


About the Chinese Youth Society of Melbourne (CYSM)


The CYSM Sea Dragons are a sporting team of the Chinese Youth Society of Melbourne, who are headquartered in Blackburn North. The CYSM is a non-profit youth society which promotes and celebrates all aspects of Chinese culture through participation in traditional activities. Through soccer, lion dancing, dragon dancing and folk dancing, they provide a centre that fosters friendship, teamwork and a sense of community. CYSM provides support to the Sea Dragons through equipment funding and cultural liaison and in return, members are encouraged to volunteer and participate in activities hosted by the society.


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