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Intro to Dragon Boat Racing

Introduction to Dragon Boat Racing

What is a dragon boat?
A dragon boat is a 48 foot long boat that weighs approximately 900 pounds. It is 4 feet wide at the middle and narrows down to 8 inches at the bow and stern.

How many people are in a dragon boat?
22, they consist of 20 paddlers (10 rows of 2 per seat) a steersperson/sweep at the back of the boat and a drummer at the front of the boat.

This is a great little intro video made by our marketing manager, Eric Cham. Have a look!

Technique and safety

How do I row in a dragon boat?
To clarify, we don't 'row', we 'paddle'. Rowing and paddling are two very different techniques.

How do I paddle a dragon boat?
You will have to come training with us to find out! But to start, you can check out our Technique Basics video.

Will I be safe on the water?
Yes, if you always follow the safety guidelines and listen to the sweep/steersperson or captains. During your first session with us, you will have a safety induction. If you are unsure about any safety procedure, don't be afraid to ask anyone around you.
We encourage you to watch this Safety Video before coming to a Come and Try dragon boat session.

Does a dragon boat flip over/capsize?
Generally a dragon boat does not flip over.
In the unlikely event of capsizing, you should first find and locate your Buddy. Everyone must stay with the boat. The sweep/steersperson will do a head count so pay attention to his/her instructions.
Do not try to swim to the shore. Stay with your teammates and wait with the boat for rescue. This is very important.

Watch a capsize video


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