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Club Policies & Guidelines

Paddler inductionClub Policies and Guidelines

It is important that all members understand their duties and responsibilities as an active member of the CYSM Sea Dragons. This page provides a list of policies or guideline documents relating to the club, to training, to safety, rules and regulations, and to equipment maintenance. Familiarising yourself to these will ensure that all Sea Dragons enjoy their time at training and at competition.


  • Paddler induction
    Provides and outline of the club's Vision, Mission and Values, the role of the paddler and key contact details
  • Expectations of paddlers
    Description of what it is the club will provide and the paddler's responsibilities at training (before getting on the water, on the water and after training) 
  • Club uniform guidelines
    Outline of club uniform items and suitable alternatives to wear at training and at competition
  • Criteria for end of season awards
    Description of voting system and award categories


  • Set up and pack up procedures
    Outline of paddler responsibilities at training sessions to ensure that we get on and off the water efficiently and in a timely manner 
  • Our race calls
    Description of our race calls and what they mean
  • Paddler position on boat
    Description of the importance of paddler position/placement on the dragon boat and things that can affect the outcome of a race


Equipment maintenance

  • PFD maintenance
    Process for proper care and maintenance of PFDs to ensure their safety and longevity
  • Paddle repair
    How to go about repairing paddles


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