CYSM Sea Dragons



Published Mon 11 Mar 2024

The 2024 Victorian Dragon Boat Championships were contested over two scorching days (Sat 09 Mar — Sun 10 Mar 2024) at the National Water Sports Centre, Carrum. Not only was the weather hot, so was the competition. Super dupers were the favourite of the day.


The final medal tally

🥈 Premier Open 20's - 2nd
🥉 Premier Mixed 20's - 3rd
🥉 Premier Open 10's - 3rd
🥈 Premier Open 20's - 2nd
🥇 Senior Open 20's - 1st* (*2 teams contested only - no medals awarded)
🥈 Premier Open 10's - 2nd
🥈 Premier Mixed 20's - 2nd
🥉 Premier Womens 20's - 3rd
🥉 Premier Open 20's - 3rd
"Thanks a lot crew for the really great weekend. It's been about 8 months since I tried the sport for the very first time and I can feel and see a positive change in my physical and mental health. I had tons of great fun. Like the medalling presenter said, the community has that bit that makes you feel welcomed and that you belong. Thanks a lot to everyone for the ongoing support. Next goal: lots of fun at AusChamps!!!!"
- Pedro Camara Martinez


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