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Published Thu 24 Feb 2022

After her first competition with the Sea Dragons at the 2016 Lunar New Year regatta, Connie Li Wai Suen knew the time for a Women's 20s crew would come. With a PhD in mathematical statistics, she knew the odds that a dedicated crew, training, recruitment and time would offer. Fast forward to the 2022 Lunar New Year regatta - let's hear from Connie again.


Connie LiThe last time I wrote an article for the CYSM Sea Dragons, I was still in my rookie season (Lunar New Year 2016). Having newly joined the team and experienced my first regatta, I recall being very enthusiastic about dragon boating.

Presently in my 7th year with the club, not only do I still feel the same way about the sport but I also feel so blessed to have found a second family in my team.

The team has grown in many ways over the years. As we increased in number, so too has our dedication and commitment to perform well. However, one thing that we had been unable to attain previously is acquiring enough female members to enter a Women’s 20s category without having to combine with other clubs.

The Lunar New Year regatta on the 20th of February 2022 marked a momentous occasion for the team, particularly for our female members (aka the SHE Dragons).

For the first time in our club history, we fielded a full ladies crew in a Women’s 20s category!

22 on board

As is tradition after numbering off on the boat, our sweep asked “how many?” and I felt such exhilaration as we yelled out in UNISON:


We subsequently made our way up to the start line for the 200m race and competed fiercely. Once we crossed the finish line, emotions took over. I was immensely proud of the crew and I could tell that I was not the only one feeling emotional at that point.


To all SHE Dragons, past and present, I would like to thank you for being part of the journey that made this possible. Each and every one of you has contributed to this day where we made club history.

Or shall we say HERstory.


The 2022 Lunar New Year regatta also doubled up as the 200m racing component for the Victorian Dragon Boat Championships 2022.

The club's results are as follows:
Premier Open 20s (JOE'S MONGRELS) - GOLD
Premier Womens 20s (SHE DRAGONS) - SILVER
Premier Mixed 20s - SILVER
Premier Open 10s - SILVER
Premier Mixed 10s - SILVER
Senior A Open 10s - SILVER
Senior A Mixed 10 - BRONZE
A huge thank you to our Chinese Youth Society of Melbourne brothers and sisters in the lion and dragon dance teams for their support of us and Dragon Boat Victoria on the day! Your performances were exceptional as always.


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