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Christmas paddle 2022

Published Sat 17 Dec 2022

Celebrating with your team is important because it helps to build trust, foster positive relationships, and creates a sense of unity. As we lead into the festive season and a well deserved break, team lunches and dinners will be aplenty. Today, the CYSM Sea Dragons Dragon Boat Club took to our traditional lunch with a difference. A paddle down the Yarra River in Melbourne before disembarking for an elaborate food sharing experience. Then back onto the boat to work off some of the over-indulgence.

Christmas paddle and lunch 2022

It was also fabulous to be able to share the dragon boat experience, food and club culture with those trying out dragon boat paddling for the first time. They showed great enthusiasm and certainly added to the fun, relaxed atmosphere and 'engine' to get us back to the dock.

If you're in Melbourne and would also like to give dragon boat a try, A Dragon Pass will offer you 1 month of FREE trial and experience. Everyone is welcome.

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