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Celebrating Season 2021/22

Published Sun 22 May 2022

On Sunday 22 May, the CYSM Sea Dragons family held its End of Season 2021/22 Dinner and Awards night. Such occasions are about celebration, reflection and looking forward to the new season. Despite a limited season for training and racing (due to COVID-19), a collective team effort throughout culminated in golden success for our mixed 10s crew and a bronze for our open 20s crew (aka Joe's Mongrels) over 200m as well as several other finals appearances at last month's Australian Dragon Boat Federation National Championships.

It is always fitting to recognise individual efforts pertaining to outstanding contributions and/or physical and technical achievements. There were more deserving than could be awarded.

  • Most Valuable Paddler: Kenny Jin
  • Most Improved Paddler: Michelle Delfos
  • Joe Alia Rookie of the Season: Adrian Yip
  • Best Paddler: Michelle Delfos, Dillon Ngan, John Moffat (Senior)
  • Coaches' Choice Award: Kenny Jin
  • Captains' Choice Award: Henry Chan
  • Committee Choice Award: Fung Lay
  • Volunteer Award: Baris Monvoisin, Matt French, Oana Sanislav

In any organisation, there are individuals whose contributions and impact are indelible. John Moffat (aka Big Chief) and Eric Cham (aka Chums) have, for many years, led by example (also as club captains). They have been generous with their wisdom, talents, time and resources, and have mentored many along the way. They have imbued all the core values of the club - respectful, caring and responsible. So it was with tears and hearts full of gratitude when it was announced that they would be moving on from the club.

End of Season 2021/22

As respected club 'elephants', they leave behind deep and lasting impressions and we are better for it. We wish them both the very best in their next dragon boat journeys and look forward to seeing them on the water. View the tribute video from the club to honour them.


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