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Captaining potential during a pandemic

Published Mon 09 Aug 2021

by Sue Phung
Captain of the SHE Dragons, Seasons 2019-20 & 2020-21

2020/21: a year of loss or gain? I guess it depends on which perspective you look at it.

During the hard lockdown at the peak of pandemic, we lost our freedom but Nature gained back theirs. We couldn’t go into the office to work but we were reminded of the importance of family time at home.

We lost physical interaction with people but it reminded us who is important in our life to connect with and not take for granted.

Through the Covid months, we were unable to continue our dragon boat training for the season. However, the ladies found a way to continue to support each other and train even harder. There were Zoom virtual group workouts, virtual dance classes, sharing cooking and baby girls/boys and eventually, in between and out of lockdown, we used the gym that Pango provided in their home.

I was able to see a boost in dedication and commitment in the ladies with a drive to get stronger and fitter, both physically and mentally. Not only for their own benefit, but for the team.

Regardless of the outcomes from the only three regattas we were able to participate in for the season (where we still performed exceptionally well) and considering we were not able to train for half the season compared to other states, I could not be any prouder of this team. We cry together, laugh together, grow stronger together and we achieve milestones together.

We are not only a dragon boat team, we are a big family that supports each other no matter what.

SHE Dragons

For me, what being a captain of the team means is not telling people what to do. It is trying to see their potential and encouraging and supporting them to realise and see that potential in themselves. But that is also the most challenging aspect. Despite this, there is nothing more gratifying for me than seeing people overcome their challenges and grow to achieve something they didn’t think they could before.

Being their captain for the past two seasons has also allowed me to learn and develop, to strive to be a better version of myself every day.

I am humbled and honoured to be their captain and hope I have been a worthy one as I step down and make way for new leaders to develop their skills.

Thank you Sea Dragons and SHE Dragons for giving me the opportunity to lead and share this journey with you.

So forget about the things you can't control and focus on the positives that you can.
And finally... have faith that things will turn out as they are meant to. This club and team has so much more potential. I look forward to continuing this next chapter together with you all as we reach new heights and continue making our mark in the dragon boat community. 

As Dragons do, we can only fly higher, stronger, together!

Captain Sue Phung


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