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MonMon (Monstar)

Country of birth:
Hong Kong

Joined Sea Dragons:
Apr 2016

Favourite sear row(s):


Favourite foods:
desserts, Korean fried chicken, yum cha, sashimi, hot pot, Mac and cheese, strawberry, and many…

How I found out about dragon boat:
I started dragon boating back in Hong Kong because my university professor formed a women’s dragon boat team and invited her students to join. Since then I have fallen in love with this amazing sport. When I came to Melbourne, I didn’t even know dragon boat was quite popular here. I was depressed and confused adapting myself to living in this new country. The world championships that were held in Adelaide became the only thing I looked forward to as I planned to fly over there and support my HK coaches and professor who were invited to the race. They encouraged me to find a club here and that’s how I googled and found CYSM Sea Dragons. At first, I thought it would be similar to the club I paddled with in Hong Kong – with a bunch of young Chinese of similar age LOL Instead, I was welcomed by a group of passionate and friendly elder brothers and sisters <3

Memorable paddling moments:
My first 2k race at AusChamps 2017 (loud and proud LOL). Still can’t believe I did it!!

Why I love paddling:
It is not just about personal strength, it is about being a part of team - synchronicity is the key. A great team makes everything bearable J I love the passion and energy everyone has in the team! We paddle hard and eat hard LOL

Sports I did before I became a Sea Dragon:
Yoga (started when I came here … actually even later then I start paddling haha) and scouting (if it counts as a sport… we did hiking, camping, orienteering and a lot more fun outdoor activities)

Favourite quote:
“Great things happen to those who don't stop believing, trying, learning, and being grateful.” ― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

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