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Member profile - Fung

FungFung (Fungster)

Country of birth:
East Timor

Joined Sea Dragons:
26 July 2014

Favourite seat row(s): 
Front of boat and stroke (right)

Biochemist/molecular biologist/University lecturer

Favourite foods:
all foods; what's not to like :)

How I found out about dragon boat: 
Tagged along with Michael (my other brother) to a club open day in July 2014.

Memorable paddling moments:
My first day paddling was at the club's open day. The buzz was there and I felt immediately then that this was a group I'd like to 'play' with. The after-water refreshments with great food and a chance to chat with members of the established group was a winner. Carlos was also trying out at that time and was perhaps the first person I was introduced to by Michael who had tried out the week earlier. My first regatta was Bendigo (October 2014) and was an important bonding/solidifying experience with the team as was the bonding camp the following month. Taking out three club medals as part of the Open 10s 200m, 500m and 2km races at the 2018 Australian National Dragon Boat Championships. Member of the Victorian Senior A representative team for 2018, 2019 (event did not happen), 2021 (won 3 gold medals).

Club awards:
Best Rookie for Season 2014/15
Most Valued Paddler for Season 2015/16
Commendation Award for Season 2015/16
Team Spirit for Season 2016/17

Commendation Award for Season 2017/18
Volunteer Award for Season 2019/20

Committee Choice Award for Season 2021/22
Volunteer Award for Season 2022/23

Why I love paddling: 
Shared passion with the twin!
We have the best team with infectious energy on and off the water. Love hard work and have seen it every week we hit the water this season. Immensely encouraged by the team's progress.

Sports I did before I became a Sea Dragon: 
Taekwondo (current), volleyball

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