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Member profile - Palmy

Palmy (Carlos)

Country of birth:

Joined Sea Dragons:
26 July 2014

Favourite seat row(s): 
Engine Room

Technical relationship manager 

Favourite foods:
Any meal shared with the team after training. This team has a knack of finding the best quality/price restaurants in Melbourne.

How I found out about dragon boat: 
Also from the open day in July 2014. I was new to Australia and looking for a way to spend an empty Saturday morning. 24 hours before I have never heard of the sport. After my first paddling on a cold winter day and being received at the pontoon with hot tea and tons of home-made food.... I was hooked.

Memorable paddling moments:
So many. I absolutely love the off-days when the team goes paddling up-river in the Yarra. Everybody in South-bank and North-bank promenades watching us and cheering us. My favourite race has to be Falls Creek 2015. 4 days up on a lake in the mountains in 3 huge cabins with over 40 paddlers and team members. What a fantastic time.

Club awards:
Team Spirit (Male) Seasons 2014/15 and 2015/16

Why I love paddling: 
I always say I fell in love with the Sea Dragons first and with the sport later on. At the beginning, paddling was just another way to do sport. It has became my main hobby and fitness activity. It keeps me fit, it is challenging and so rewarding.

That moment when the sweep calls EASY!! and the whole crew is exhausted and spent. You have nothing left in the tank. And man you feel good about it!

Sports I did before I became a Sea Dragon:
Rock climbing, soccer, track and field, swimming, basketball, cycling and siesta-ing

Favourite quote:
"Determination. Determination silence doubters. The strength to make it becomes greater than the fear of missing it."

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