Regional Racquet Sport Roadshow

Program Overview

This innovative initiative directly brings high-quality training and workshops to regional clubs in Shepparton, Hamilton, Traralgon, and surrounding areas.  Our program focuses on enhancing governance knowledge, providing sport-specific training, and increasing the number of skilled officials.

Our Goals

  1. Improve Governance Knowledge: Offer workshops to help volunteers manage clubs better.

  2. Accessible Training: Provide easy access to high-quality badminton training.

  3. Increase Skilled Officials: Train more officials to support local sports events.

  4. Overcome Regional Challenges: Identify and solve problems unique to each region’s sports clubs.

Upcoming Event in Shepparton

Join us in Shepparton for a two-day event on the 15th and 16th of June! This weekend will be packed with valuable workshops and training sessions to equip volunteers, coaches, and officials with essential skills and knowledge.

Day 1 - Saturday, 15th June | Badminton Coaching Clinic

Venue: Shepparton Sports Stadium - 120 Numurkah Rd, Shepparton VIC 3630

Time: 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Details: Enhance your coaching skills with the BA Foundation Coaching course. We aim to offer this course free to participants, making it accessible to everyone (normally $250 for BV members and $350 for non-members).

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Day 2 – Sunday, 16th June

Venue: The Carrington - 505 Wyndham St, Shepparton VIC 3630

Time: 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

  • Governance Workshops

    • Details: Learn from Regional Sport Victoria experts about effective governance in sports clubs. These workshops are designed to be engaging and informative, ensuring practical understanding and application.

  • Mental Health Sessions

    • Details: With Outside the Locker Room, participate in interactive sessions focused on mental health and well-being for athletes and volunteers, addressing important aspects of mental health in sports.

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Get Involved!

Don't miss this opportunity to improve your skills, gain valuable insights, and connect with other sports enthusiasts and volunteers. The Regional Racquet Roadshow is your chance to be part of a supportive and effective sports community.

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