Entry requirements for BV Sanctioned Events

Badminton Victoria sanctioned events are governed by Badminton Victoria tournament regulations, and BWF general regulations. 

Please check to ensure you meet all the following requirements when entering a Badminton Victoria sanctioned event. If you have received a text message from us saying that your entry does not meet requirements, please check the below and correct where necessary.

Badminton Victoria Affiliated Club Membership

You must be a current member of a Badminton Victoria affiliate club, or, if you are not a Victorian resident, in good standing with your state badminton organistation.

Please contact your club to ensure that they have listed you as a member. Please note that having a BV ID does not necessarily mean you are a current member of that club.

Australian National Player ID 

If you have already competed in a Badminton Victoria sanctioned event, you will now have an Australian National Player ID. You must use this ID from now on to enter any Badminton Victoria sanctioned event. Please note the following:

  • Your Australian National Player ID should be used to enter all sanctioned tournaments. Do not use your BV ID number
  • You must update your Tournament Software profile with your Australian National Player ID. Badminton Victoria cannot update this for you
  • If you do not update your Tournament Software profile with the correct Australian National Player ID, you will not receive any National ranking points for events you enter
  • You can find your Australian National Player ID here https://www.badminton.org.au/australian-national-rankings/
  • You can find a guide on how to update your player ID in Tournament Software here 
  • You can find a guide to which player ID you should use here

Event Conflicts

You must ensure that you do not enter events that may conflict with each other. You should check the relevant tournament prospectus, which is shown in the event page, to ensure that you have not enter events that conflict. 

  • In the prospectus, the event schedule lists the events, and which days they are on. There will also be a notice to advise what the entry restrictions are to avoid event conflicts. The event schedule is also published on the Tournament Software entry page. Here is an example:

  • You can check the event page here, and check the event schedule to see what events you can enter. Please sign in to the Tournament Software event using the link on the page to update your entry

Graded Event Points Requirements

If you are entering a Graded event, there are restrictions based on your Australian Ranking Points. 

For Singles events the points are shown below. You may play at a higher grade than your current points, but you may not play at a lower grade.

C Grade 0 – 300 points

B Grade 301 – 1600 points

A Grade 1,601 – 2,700 points

Open 2,701 points and above

For Doubles events, The average number of points between the two players will be used in working out the appropriate grading of the doubles pair.

To check your current ranking points, please refer to the Badminton Australia website

Badminton Victoria Player Levy

All entrants into Badminton Victoria sanctioned events must pay the Badminton Victoria Player Levy, regardless of their club membership. If you have not paid this levy after entering, please sign in to Tournament Software to update your entry to include the player levy. 

Tournament Regulations

Badminton Victoria sanctioned tournaments are run using the Badminton Victoria Tournament Regulations. Please ensure that you read and understand these regulations as they outline the requirements for entry into Badminton Victoria sanctioned events.

2024 Tournament Regulations

What to do if you are unsure of anything in your entry

Please contact Badminton Victoria by email if you have any questions regarding your entry. Please make sure to advise your name and the event that you have entered, 

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