All Schools Championships

A badminton tournament open to all schools

The Badminton Victoria All Schools Championships are a team event open to any Victorian school to enter.

The event is divided into three days of competition:

Primary Schools Championships

Secondary Boys Championships

Secondary Girls Championships

School compete in teams made up of between 4 and 6 players. For primary schools there is no gender distinction, for secondary schools the teams are either boys or girls.



The event date changes each year. Please refer to the Event Calendar for dates

For 2024 here are the dates;

All Schools Primary - 4th September  More details

Secondary Schools Boys - 5th September More details 

Secondary Schools Girls - 6th September More details


Events Offered

Primary Schools  - Open Division (Badminton Victoria Perpetual Trophy)

Primary Schools - Second Division (Lenny Permana Perpetual Trophy)

Secondary Schools – Girls Open Division (Meredith Prime Perpetual Trophy)

Secondary Schools – Girls Second Division

Secondary Schools – Boys Open Division (Ken Coleman Perpetual Trophy)

Secondary Schools – Boys Second Division


Open Division is an elite competition for schools who are generally winners or runners-up in their respective school association competition, have club, state or national level player(s) in their team or are looking for a significantly higher level of competition.


Second Division is for schools wishing to experience a greater level of competition outside their respective school associations or may not have competitive badminton being played in their school association.


Entry Format

Entry is via the Badminton Victoria Event Calendar. where you will also find details of the entry timetable.

When you enter you do not need to advise player names.

Due to the demand for places in this event entries are staggered. If there are still places available at the close of the first round of entries, a second round will be opened. If there are still places available at the end of the second round a third round will be opened. Payment will be made once all entry rounds have been completed. Names for teams and players will be required once all rounds have been completed. You will be sent an invoice and details of how to enter team and player names at the end of the entry rounds.

Competition Format and Further Information

For full details of the competition format and full details about the competition, please refer to the tournament prospectus which is linked on the event page in the Event Calender.

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