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Badminton tournaments are Victoria fall into several different categories. Here is an overview:

Badminton Victoria Events

Badminton Victoria events fall into two categories - Sanctioned, and non-sanctioned.

Sanctioned Events

Sanctioned Events are tournaments that are governed by Badminton Victoria rules and regulations. These are based on BWF rules, but with some variations made by Badminton Victoria. If you compete in a sanctioned event you will be eligible to earn Australian National Ranking points, and your results and ranking will be posted on the Badminton Australia website. Sanctioned events are hosted by Badminton Victoria or our affiliated clubs, but the same rules apply in either case. To compete in a sanctioned event you must be a current registered member of a Badminton Victoria affiliated club, or, if you are not a Victorian resident, in good standing with the applicable state badminton organisation. 

Types of Sanctioned Events

Open - open to all players, but usually players who compete at a higher level enter these tournaments.
Graded - open to all players, however, entry into each grade is governed by the number of Australian National Ranking points you have at the time of the event. Each grade specifies a maximum number of points that you can have to qualify for the grade. You can enter higher grades that have a higher number of maximum ranking points allowed, but not grades below your current level. 
Junior Circuit - open to all players subject to the age restriction. The current age levels are Under 13, Under 15, Under 17 and Under 19. Players must be under the age limit as of the 31 December of the year the event takes place in. 
Para badminton (wheelchair and standing classes) - open to all players.

Non-sanctioned events
These events do not award ranking points, and each event is played under its own set of rules. You can check these rules by referring to the event prospectus. Each event has different requirements, including membership, so please check the relevant prospectus before entering an event. Below is a list of some of the non-sanctioned events offered:

Senior Teams 
Junior Teams
Junior Classics - These events are specifically aimed at young players in regional Victoria. Players who live in Melbourne, or have represented Victoria at a state level. More information about Junior Classics.

More information about the Junior Classics

All Schools - open to all schools in Victoria, this is a team event.

In addition to our events, Badminton Victoria also runs events on behalf of other organisations. For more information about these events, please contact the event organiser directly.
Sporting Schools Victoria
Police and Emergency Services Games
Southern Independent Schools 

Badminton Victoria Community Events

Badminton Victoria Supported Events are tournaments and events that are hosted by Affiliated Members. Community Events are conducted under their own rules and regulations.

Community events and tournaments include:

Masters & Veterans (Ages 35 years and over)

Badminton Victoria and our member clubs and associations run a full range of tournaments throughout the year. Please refer to our tournament calendar for more information about upcoming events.


Tournament Calendar 

For the latest player rankings please refer to the Badminton Australia  website

BA Australian Rankings 

Badminton Victoria Sanctioned events are played under our General Tournament Regulations, and our Playing Grading Policy, linked below

2024 General Tournament Regulations 

Player Grading Policy


Entering a tournament

Entry to Badminton Victoria tournaments is via Tournament Software. 

Tournament Software is a global online platform used for badminton competitions only. It is important to understand that it is a system separate from your membership with your BV club/association/venue.

We use Tournament Software to link our sanctioned tournaments to the Badminton Australia National Rankings system.

Helpful things to consider for your Tournament Software account:

Badminton Australia Player ID entered in the “MEMBER ID” field on Tournament Software: Please note that for BV-sanctioned tournaments where National Ranking points apply, you must enter your BA Player ID (e.g. VICxxxx for tournaments), not your club or Badminton Victoria member ID (e.g. BVxxxx). If you have played a tournament before, you can find your Player ID on the Badminton Australia website.

Grade Eligibility: Before entering, please ensure you and your doubles combination if any are eligible to compete in your chosen grade as conditioned by the Badminton Victoria Grading Policy in the Tournament Prospectus so that you and all competitors can have a fair and enjoyable playing experience.

Your Name: Is the name on your Tournament Software account the same one used with your club/association/venue membership on Revolutionise? Please make sure your name and contact information match up for verification of your identity.

Your club: Are you a member of a BV Member club/association/venue? You must be registered with any of our affiliated organisations listed here to play in our sanctioned tournaments. Please note that the BV Player Levy applies even if you are an existing member of a Badminton Victoria affiliate club.

Running into problems or have further questions? Contact Badminton Victoria on 9686 4777 or email


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