Drysdale Badminton Club Scores Big with Grant

Published Wed 27 Mar 2024

The Drysdale Badminton Club is celebrating a major win! They've secured a significant grant from the Victorian Government's Sporting Clubs Grant Program.


"We applied back in October," shared Eddie, the Club Secretary, "and just got the fantastic news that our application for $990 was successful!" 


The grant will be a game-changer for the club, allowing them to purchase much-needed shuttlecocks. "As any badminton player knows," Eddie explained, "shuttlecocks are a major expense. We've even resorted to repairing broken ones and trying plastic alternatives in the past. They just don't compare to new feathers, but we had to make do." 


Eddie is confident the new equipment will make a big difference. "Having high-quality shuttlecocks will definitely improve our play and make the game more enjoyable for everyone." 


Badminton Victoria joins the celebration and extends its heartfelt congratulations to the Drysdale Badminton Club. This grant is a testament to their dedication to promoting badminton in the community and ensuring accessibility to quality sporting equipment. 


"We hope this success story inspires other clubs to seek out similar opportunities," said Clint Proctor, CEO of Badminton Victoria. "This is truly a win for the sport!" 


Here's to the Drysdale Badminton Club and their exciting journey ahead! 


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