Celebrating Service and Dedication: Sam Daykin, Craig Graham, Shaye Threlfall, and Mitchell Graham

Published Sun 14 Apr 2024

In the bustling world of badminton, there are those whose commitment and passion elevate the sport, enriching the lives of fellow players and enthusiasts alike. Among the ranks of the Bendigo Eaglehawk Badminton Association (BEBA), four individuals stand out for their exceptional service and dedication: Sam Daykin, Craig Graham, Shaye Threlfall, and Mitchell Graham. 

Sam Daykin: With a badminton journey spanning over four decades, Sam Daykin's impact on the sport is profound. From his early days on the court to his current role as President of BEBA, Sam's dedication has been unwavering. Not only has he excelled as a player, but he has also contributed significantly to the administrative side of the association, serving in various capacities and steering the organization to new heights. Under his leadership, BEBA has flourished, hosting prestigious events and earning recognition from Badminton Victoria. 

Craig Graham: Craig Graham's journey in badminton is a testament to resilience and dedication. Despite facing setbacks, including an injury that temporarily halted his playing career, Craig found a renewed passion for the sport through coaching and administration. His tireless efforts in fostering the junior program at BEBA have led to remarkable growth and success, with junior players achieving commendable results under his guidance. Craig's commitment to the sport spans decades, leaving a lasting legacy within the badminton community.

Shaye Threlfall: Shaye Threlfall's love for badminton is evident in her extensive volunteer work and administrative contributions. From assisting at tournaments to serving on the BEBA committee for over a decade, Shaye's dedication to the sport is unparalleled. Her leadership as Association Secretary and Veterans Coordinator has been instrumental in the smooth functioning of BEBA, ensuring that the badminton community remains vibrant and inclusive. 

Mitchell Graham: Mitchell Graham's passion for badminton is matched only by his dedication to nurturing the next generation of players. As BEBA's Junior Coordinator, Mitchell has revitalized the junior program, fostering an inclusive environment where every player feels valued. His innovative approach to communication and community engagement has significantly contributed to the growth and vibrancy of the badminton community in Bendigo. 

In recognition of their outstanding contributions, Sam Daykin, Craig Graham, Shaye Threlfall, and Mitchell Graham are truly deserving of the Service Awards with Badminton Victoria. Their dedication, leadership, and passion have not only enriched the sport of badminton but have also left an indelible mark on the Bendigo Eaglehawk Badminton Association and the wider community. 


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