$500 PROTECH Community Grants

Published Tue 20 Feb 2024

Gear Up Your Club with the PROTECH Feature Wall Project!

Exciting news for badminton clubs in Victoria! Our ongoing partnership with PROTECH brings you the PROTECH Feature Wall Project—a game-changer designed to empower your club and enhance the badminton experience for every member.

What is the PROTECH Feature Wall Project?

This initiative opens doors for clubs to provide members with affordable, high-quality badminton gear through an exclusive collaboration with PROTECH. Not only does this benefit individual players, but it also contributes to the growth and development of badminton communities across Victoria.

As part of the project, club members can unlock exclusive discounts on PROTECH products, ensuring access to top-notch gear that elevates their badminton experience.

Exciting Rewards Await Eligible Clubs!

By participating in the PROTECH Feature Wall Project, eligible clubs stand a chance to win a $500 grant. This grant can be utilized to establish your own Feature Wall, offering members a convenient and accessible avenue to access quality badminton equipment.

How Can Your Club Join?

Interested clubs can fill out the Express of Interest form. PROTECH will then contact you with details on eligibility criteria and the application process. Don't miss this chance to enhance your club's offerings and empower your members!

Badminton Victoria is enthusiastic about the positive impact the PROTECH Feature Wall Project will bring to the badminton community. Together, let's gear up for success and elevate our clubs to new heights!🏸πŸ”₯

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