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Revolutionise Rollout - Enabling our member clubs to go to the next level 

Badminton Victoria is undergoing a major project to provide all our member clubs with their own individual Revolutionise accounts. 

Revolutionise is not just a membership list - it is a full club management system that will allow you to easily manage all aspects of your club, providing a better experience for both your members and administrators. Badminton Victoria plans to maximise the value of Revolutionise to clubs, to make it easier for prospective and existing players to understand the opportunities your club has.


Helping you make the transition to using Revolutionise

Badminton Victoria is here to assist you make the transition to using your own account to the fullest. We have created a learning programme which is designed to introduce you to different features in Revolutionise, help you feel confident using the features, and build on the learning to take you to the next feature.

Each part of the learning plan is supported by online learning resources that can be downloaded.

To help you get the most out of your Revolutionise account Badminton Victoria is offering free one-on-one training sessions via Zoom. You can book yourself in for as many as you need, and you can include up to ten people in each training session. Training is carried out by Badminton Victoria  staff. Booking in is simple via the link below

Revolutionise one-on-one training sessions


To find your club's Revolutionise account address, please check the listing below

https://Your club's Revolutionise website address

Part One – New Login and membership basics

  • New login
  •  Renewing and adding new members

Training Resource


Part Two - Further features of the Members section 

  • Editing member profiles
  • Searching
  • Reporting
  • Emailing members

Training Resources

Part Three – Website and Account Setup 

Training Resources - Website 

Training Resources - Account Setup 

Book in an online one-on-one workshop 

Part Four – Events

Training Resources

Online Workshop

Part Five – Automating Membership

Training Resources

Online Workshop

Part Six – Meetings and Tasks

Training Resources

Tasks Training Resources

Book in an online one-on-one workshop 

Part Seven – Teams

Training Resources

Online Workshop









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