Shuttle Time

Shuttle Time introduces players to the fundamental movement and lifelong skills of badminton through a variety of fun, safe and socially inclusive activities and game. The Shuttle Time program combines a range of fun physical activities with learning the technical and tactical elements of the game. This includes the development of hand-eye coordination, catching and throwing, stability and balance, speed and agility as well as jumping and landing skill.

Check out how badminton builds your child’s fundamental movement skills, physical literacy and socialisation skills here.

Currently a huge worldwide program that has been embraced by the badminton community it gives participants a great entry point to begin their journey with badminton. There are resources available for 17 languages and suited for children ages 5-15 years old.


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Become a Shuttle Time Coach!

Whether you are a teacher or someone passionate about badminton, you can learn to become a Shuttle Time Coach – no playing experience is required! 

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