Training Venues & Facilities

Training Venues & Boat Locations

This season we will have three Christchurch training locations plus boats in Blenheim and Dunedin. If your team is interested in training at a venue outside of Christchurch during the season, please get in touch with Aoraki.

Around Christchurch, we have boats stored for use by teams at four locations:

  • The water sports compound at Owles Terrace in New Brighton, for training on the lower (tidal) reaches of the Avon River. This is our main equipment base and is used to house all boats and equipment over winter. NB Please park cars outside the compound or on the grass.
  • The Aoraki Dragons containers at Lake Rua, off Sawyers Arms Road, near Christchurch Airport, for training on the small lake thats also used for early-season events and a backup venue for the Aoraki Open. 
  • A compound adjacent to the Kaiapoi River, off Raven Quay, just upstream from the footbridge at the end of Black Street.