Secondary Schools Give It A Go

Give Dragon Boating a Go!


Aoraki Dragons will be holding give-it-a-go days in Dunedin, Marlborough and Christchurch early in Term 4 2023 with the aim to introduce Dragon Boating to schools and students who want to have a go at the sport. The day will introduce participants to the culture and history of the sport, provide basic training on the water and then conclude the day with some short races. This day would be suitable for leadership groups, school leavers, house groups or any other students who wants to give Dragon Boating a go to continue the sport. We can cater for groups of 10 students upwards.

From this day, schools are invited to participate in the summer sport program. If the school is unable to continue on but some students are interested, we are able to help accomodate this to ensure students can participate in Dragon Boating via a Junior Crew. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to




Give-It-A-Go Day Dunedin

Monday 13th November 2023 - Junior Sports Week

Provided by Aoraki Dragons and Otago Secondary School Sports Association

Note this event is limited to 120 students. Please enter via your school sports coordinator.