Aoraki Dragon Boat

By registering for Aoraki Dragons, I agree to the below terms and conditions

  • I am a confident swimmer and able to swim at least 50 metres unaided
  • Alcohol is not to be consumend within 12 hours before use of a Dragon Boat. This includes sweeps, callers and paddlers
  • During regatta, I will comply with the instructions issued by race officials 
  • I will wear appropriate clothing for the conditions. Long trousers, denim, puffer jackets, or clothing which will become heavy when wet must not be worn in the boat.
  • During training and any events I will wear an NZDBA approved life jacket/ PFD at all times when in a Dragon Boat.
  • Drone footage and photos taken on behalf of Aoraki at events may be used for live streaming  and promotional purposes
  • Aoraki may send me emails from time to time in relation to my membership, to share information and complete post event surveys.
  • If I am unwell with Covid-19 or have Covid-19 symptoms, I will not attend any events
  • I will adhere to any additional safety requirements that Aoraki Dragons request at any given time. Any changes to requirements will be communicated at the time of introduction e.g Covid19 requirements
  • In the event of capsize of boat, I will look out for my "buddy. If I am in the seated near the sweep or caller, we will join them and form a trio. Team members must stay with the boat until the rescue craft arrives, or until the boat can be swum to shore. 

Dragon Boating is an "Assumed Risk Water Contact Sport" that may carry attendant risks. Participants should;

  1. Be aware and accept these risks
  2. Be responsible for their own actions and involvement
  3. Fully understand that they have a duty of care towards other participants in the sport