Board of Management

Aoraki Dragons Board 2023-24

 Principal Office Bearers:

  • President - Noel Anderton 
  • Secretary - Amy Meikle-McClurg
  • Treasurer - Chris Sheppard

Additional elected officers (Directors):

  • Events - Mike Robinson, Kalia Wiley
  • Boats and Equipment - Peter Mitchell
  • Funding - Daz Le-Malu

Non elected secondments:

  • Schools and Development - Teagan Killick
  • Regional Representative Teams - Caleb te Kahu
  • Equipment and Boats - Scotty Brown


Life Membership

While not necessarily members of Board, Aoraki grants Life Membership from time to time. Generally this is to a person (or by excepption, a group) that has provided exceptional service to the sport in the Aoraki region. These have included Noel Anderton, Meri Gibson, Scruff Hewinson, Rick Smith, Janice Melville and Peter Mitchell.