New Teams

Starting a new dragon boat team is an exciting prospect. The level of support required likely depends on the prior experience of club members; both in terms of dragon boating knowledge, and administrative management. Aoraki plan to put together (this season) a detailed guide for starting new teams. In the meantime,

Some key aspects include:

  • Who to contact: your team will be assigned a buddy on the board and they will be your go-to person for any questions or requests. However, feel free to contact any of the board directly, see contact details for all board members earlier in this document
  • Information distribution: The Aoraki secretary maintains email groups for team contacts, sweeps, and other. Let them know at the contact person(s) for your club. We advise you provide details for more than one contact, but let the Secretary know the chain of command of your club.
  • Useful information: Use our website as your first port of call for information about dragon boating in the South Island. Join our Facebook page to connect with us and the community
  • Incorporated societies: we recommend each club forms as an incorporated society. Obtaining grants is getting more difficult and clubs that are not incorporated will find that their applications for funding can be treated less favourably than clubs that are incorporated. The main reason for this is that there is greater accountability and a higher level of probity for clubs that are incorporated. Contact the Aoraki Treasurer for more details and advice.
  • Funding: funding is often available for sports clubs, refer to earlier section for advice in this matter.