No BBQ at Dragon Boating - Total Fire ban in Canterbury

Published Wed 31 Jan 2024

If you have seen recent news [31 January 2024], fire restrictions are now in place throughout Canterbury, with the dry weather expected to continue for the next two months. Canterbury District is under a total fire ban until further notice. The volunteer firemen amongst our paddlers will tell you there have been several fires in the region in recent weeks, particularly in parts of North Canterbury, where people were forced to evacuate their homes, houses were destroyed, and of hectares of vegetation was burned on different occasions. We don't want to cause more damage.

Hence we ask all teams to leave your barbecues at home, especially at places like Lake Ruger. Your team nutritionist (you all have one, right?) will give you plenty of options for snacking at regatta, and proper hydration will be high on the list. 

Aoraki will make sure we have fire extinguishers available at any potential hotspots (coffee and food vendors) at our venues.

Meanwhile, lake levels are falling around the region, so Aoraki Board will be keeping a close eye on this issue.