Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What age groups can participate?

Age groups are 5 and under, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, U16, U18, U20, Open and Masters.

Age 4 (must be a least 4 as of 1 January 2024 (5 as at 31 Dec 2024)) and upwards are welcome to participate as members of the club. The groups are based on how old the participant will be as of the 31 December of that year. For example. A participate who turns eight during anytime of the year will be grouped in the 8-year-old group.


What day and time are our club days?

Club competition day are scheduled on set date between March and October. Most of these all on Friday nights and run between 5.30pm to 8.30pm. As well as our club days, the club hosts local inter-club meets and carnivals and these may be held on different days and times.


What events do we do on a club night?

The events are Sprints, Middle Distance, Hurdles, Relays, Shot Put, Discus, Javelin, High Jump, Long Jump and Triple Jump. These events will vary depending on the age group. On Club Nights, each age group will have a set program of up to five events.  This program changes each week.


Do we have club day all year?

The Athletics Season in Far North Queensland usually starts in March and runs through to October each year. View our Calendar page for the dates for this season.


Can my child have a go to see if they like athletics before you pay your membership fee?

The club provides a trial period for new members. This is available for a two-week consecutive period during the first 6 weeks of the season. The Trialist fee of $15 each week is non-refundable. After this time, the athlete must either complete the registration formally or they will not be able to participate. The $30.00 trial fee is deducted from the membership fee if membership continues. 


How much is membership and how can I join and pay?

The 2023 membership fee for Cairns Athletics are as follows:-

4 Years - 6 Years $170.00
7 Years - 9 Years $220.00

10 Years - 29 Years (Open) $250.00
30+ Years (Masters) $170.00


We accept ‘Fair Play Vouchers’ for eligible children/young people.


Click here to go to the Online Portal


We also offer Trial Membership. The registration process is to use the club’s online portal to manage your memberships. With online registration, you can pay with Visa/Mastercard Debit or Credit cards. If you wish to pay cash or use a voucher, then also use the online registration system, and follow the cash/voucher instructions, then pay/present the voucher at your next club visit.  A small transaction fee applies to online payments.

Membership period starts from when full payment is received through to 31 March 2025.  Membership as an athlete also includes membership with ANQ (Athletics North Queensland) which allows participation at ANQ sanctioned events and carnivals throughout Queensland and Australia. Masters' members (30+ yrs.) include Queensland Masters membership.


What to wear?

Our club uniform is sublimated polo shirt in children’s youth and adult sizes. These are available online through Revsport (online portal) or from the club house each club night. **Please note the uniform is compulsory for 2024** Black shorts complete our uniform.  Footwear must be always worn. Joggers, waffles, or spikes are acceptable.  Refer to our uniform and shoe policy or spike shoe age limitations.  No football shoes are allowed.


At what age can my child compete in spikes?

10yrs & 11yrs: Laned track events, long jump, high jump.
12yrs: Laned track events, all jumps, javelin.
13yrs and over: All events except discus and shot put.

Athletes MUST remove their spikes prior leaving the field of play.

Uniform and Shoes Policy


Can I drop my child off and pick up at the end of the event?

No. We are not a Stop, Drop and Go club, or waiting in cars. All families with athletes under 15 years must have a parent or carer present during the club competition and assist with various event and club duties. Athletics requires a lot of volunteers to run smoothly for the benefit of all athletes. We can never have too many willing helpers.  All our Officials are volunteers either because they enjoying officiating, want to put something back into the sport, or want to help their sons, daughters and grandchildren. You don’t have to be qualified to help and, in the beginning, you don’t event have to know the rules.  We will teach you as we all had to start somewhere.

You could be asked to rake the Long Jump pit, carry back the Shot Put, help put up the High Jump bar or Time keep. Nothing too difficult to start with. All you need for this is enthusiasm and the desire to assist the athletes. The club provides each family a ‘Know your events’ booklet to help understand some of the rules and how measurements are done. 


Does the club have a Canteen

Yes the club runs a canteen each Club night and parent assistance is essential for the canteen to operate.  Each week the club offers a several choices of hot food items and various drinks for sale. Funds go towards club expenses such as rental of the grounds, purchasing new equipment and maintenance of existing equipment.


What do I do if I've left something at Barlow Park?

Please see our volunteers in the Photofinish Building on the following Friday night for collection of lost property or check with Barlow Park staff onsite.


If I have a question or concern on a competition night whom should I speak to?

Please approach a committee member who can be identified by their Red polo shirt.


How can I find out more information about this club?


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