Welcome to VSAG.

The Victorian Sub-Aqua Group (VSAG) was established in 1954 and is one of the longest running dive clubs in the world.

With that comes a rich history and wealth of experience that makes VSAG a very special club to be a part of. The Club currently has over 100 members, including a several life members who have shaped and built the Club over the years to make it what it is today.

VSAG members range from some of Australia’s most experienced scuba divers, to those who have recently developed a passion for diving. Our members have a diverse range of interests including underwater photography, technical diving, wreck and cave diving. And of course, just diving wherever and whenever they can. Many of our members have their own boats which provides the Club with access to unique dive sites and diving opportunities in and around Melbourne and Victoria.

The saying goes, “There are old divers. And there are bold divers. But there are no old, bold divers”. As one of the oldest dive clubs, safety is so fundamental to the Club, that it is the core of our club motto “Safety In Diving”. The Club is proud of its record of safe diving and always reinforces safe practices. As a Club, we aim to improve our skills as divers, every time we go diving. 

As a new member you will be asked to participate in a club checkout dive with one of our experienced club members. This is to let us see your equipment, and you as a diver, to ensure your equipment and diving practices meet the clubs expectations for safe diving. It will also give us an opportunity to offer advice on how your equipment is set up and also your diving technique. All things that can help make you a better diver. And it makes it easy for you to go on your first dive, see how the club organises diving and meet some club members.

The Club holds monthly meetings with local and international guest speakers, organises several local, national and international dive trips each year, organises events where members share their experience, and of course, go diving whenever we can.

If you are passionate about scuba diving, and want to open up a world of underwater experiences, VSAG has a lot to offer you.

If you want to learn more, click here. Hope to see you in the water soon.


Angus Stuart-Adams

VSAG President 2023/24


North Sulawesi - Bunaken & Bangka Island
Thu 08 Aug 2024 00:00 — Mon 19 Aug 2024 23:00
North Sulawesi, Indonesia
Club Meeting August
Tue 20 Aug 2024 20:00 — 21:45
Clare Castle Hotel
Club Meeting September
Tue 17 Sep 2024 20:00 — 21:45
Clare Castle Hotel
Great News. VSAG meetings in person are back. Come and join us at the Clare Castle Hotel for dinner and/or drinks prior to the monthly meeting. · Read more