Loan Equip.



One of  the benefits of joining VSAG is access to to a range of equipment that the club own. In particular VSAG invests in equipment that provides additional safety to it's members. Many of the O2 bottles are on longer term loan with VSAG  boat owners, while other equipment is kept in storage as close as practical to popular diving drop off locations within Melbourne regions.


Loan Process

If any of the following equipment is required please follow the following steps.

  1.  Email or phone the current  VSAG Asset Manager at the following address:
  2. Discuss and agree timings and use of VSAG Assets and availability
  3. The Asset Manager will contact the person/location to inform them of the request and ensure it is ready for use.
  4. The Aset Manager will confirm with the requestor the availablitiy and to arrange for the suitable pick up or transfer of the asset.

In reference to Scuba Bottles it is the responsibility of the person loaning bottles to ensure DIN/Yoke slugs are replaced, that the bottles are refilled ready for the next use as soon as possible and prior to retun or passing on to other members.

Loan Equipment Obligations to the Club

Equipment Loan Agreement





2.75Ltr Pony Bottle with Regulator

Pony Bottle with 1st/2nd Regulator and attachement Kit. For use when wreck/deep  diving 

21% Oxygen fill

 O2 Bottles

 Range of O2 bottles witth associated kits ofr emergency use

Available in  2.75, 7 and 12 litre use

Many are on loan to ongoing VSAG Boat Owners.


O2 First Aid Kits

O2 Kits for use with O2 bottles.

First Aid Kits General First Aid Kits for use during VSAG Events and diving  
Scuba Bottles

A range of alluminum scuba bottles wiht DIN/YOKE fittings including

 7 Litre 232 Bar

10 Litre 232 Bar

11.1 Litre 207

11.1 Litre 232 Bar 


Ambient CO Monitor Meter

Ability to check VSAG member who may use their own Compressors for the release of CO within Oxygen mix to avoid oxygen toxity. Or to take on trips where oxygen fills are of questionable quality. In addition some members use this to calibrate their own cheaper CO Monitors.


Sand Lanching Ropes A Range of Ropes and mats to assist with boat launching and retrieving boats from beaches and sandy areas. (such as Wilsons Prom)   
AED Defibrillator

Response time is critical to survival rates when a person suffers an episode of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). The condition often strikes without warning as the heart suddenly and unexpectedly stops beating. With the pumping action disrupted, blood stops flowing to the brain and other vital organs. SCA can be fatal within minutes if not treated which is what makes it a leading cause of death worldwide.

Having an automated external defibrillator (AED) close at hand greatly increases the chances of survival from SCA. The HeartSine samaritan PAD 350p Defibrillator is a compact and easy-to-use lifesaving technology. AEDs can analyse and restore the heart to normal rhythm in victims of SCA by delivering an electrical shock. The HeartSine 350p AED is designed to be user-friendly with visual and audio prompts to guide the rescuer from pad application to shock delivery, if required.