Club profile

The Victorian Sub-Aqua Group (VSAG) is one of Australia’s oldest non-commercial scuba diving clubs. As an non-profit, independent dive club, we believe that the cost of our diving activities to members and our guests is excellent.

We believe that VSAG is Melbourne’s friendliest and most active independent dive club. Most importantly, VSAG run by and for its members.

Everyone is welcome, from the very experienced to the novice diver.

As we have some of Australia’s most experienced divers, there is no better way for you to improve your skills than diving with us. Most dives are from the privately owned boats of our members.

Our clubs interests varies extensively as does our membership but always around diving. 

We dive locally when we can get sufficent boats and divers together, or we are diving somewhere from shore or one of the commercial operators.

Dive trips are coordinated on some long weekends, plus regular interstate and overseas diving trips COVID allowing. 

VSAG divers offer interest groups of macro & micro photography including regular competitions, crayfish hunting and wreck diving in both Port Phillip Bay, Western Port and out side the bay(s).

But be aware we are NOT a Dive Charter or Shop organisation nor a Training Agency.

If you want to challenge yourself and  dive on sites that only a few see then VSAG is a club for you.


History of VSAG

The Victorian Sub Aqua Group (VSAG) was established in 1954 and is one of Australia's oldest non-commercial scuba diving clubs.

Our club is run by the members, and abide by our motto of Safety in Diving.

Please note: We are NOT a Dive Charter, or Shop (don't sell gear), nor a Training Agency

VSAG is not a charter boat service, nor does it offer training or hire gear.

VSAG is run by and for its members as a club for divers, a not for profit.


Divers are expected to supply all their own gear but we do have some less used and safety equipment for loan. A full list of available equipment is available on the Equipment page.

We are a diverse group of divers with interest in;

  • Shore diving
  • Boat diving
  • Wreck diving
  • Cave diving
  • Local & overseas travel
  • Open water to tech diving
  • Scallop & cray catching


Club meetings:

VSAG typically meets on the 3rd Tuesday night at the Clare Castle or Zoom., 7pm for a drink/ meal prior, with the official club meeting starting at 8pm.

Most of these meetings will include a presentation from an external provider or topic of interest, safety report and dive reports over the past month.


Photo comp:

The photo competition is run every month at our club meetings where members have previously submitted 2 photos of any underwater/water themes taken in the past month, and members vote on the best photo. 

The monthly winning photos go into the annual competition to be voted on at the AGM.  Requests will be sent via email each month asking for your photo contributions.  Send your photos to: photos@vsag.org.au


AGM & Annual awards night (October):

The club AGM is held in September each year, and runs in conjunction with the awards night.

VSAG recognises club members at the awards night for various achievements, such as Fathoms contributor of the year, literary award, club member of the year, photo of the year, etc.

The points scorer keeps track of members points that are allocated during the year for participation in club events, meetings, competitions etc. 



Our quarterly magazine (sent via email and accessable online), is an amazing resource, full of information, dive reports and articles about recent club dive trips, and upcoming trips and events

Reports & articles can be sent to the Fathoms Editor: editor@vsag.org.au

Christmas Party and Social Events:

The club holds a social Christmas get together usually in lieu of the December club meeting, and other social events during the year.  These will be advised via email, the events page, and usually Facebook


Diving - Boat diving:

Each week the dive captain will send an email out to all members asking for expressions of interest for diving, and for availability of boats for the next weekend. 

If you are interested in diving, reply to the email and let them know that you are available.

Assuming we have a match of boats and divers, the dive captain will co-ordinate divers and boats according to the interest received.

At times we will use Charter services.


Diving - Shore diving:

The club also run regular shore dives that are advertised via email &/or Facebook  Keep an eye on club emails for details of shore dives happening